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Open to the new shades of life…Amazing Thailand

If you have had your fill of the pulsing, throbbing Thai capital, Bangkok and its infectious energy levels, time you thought of unwinding and turning to its more remote reaches.
As you walk down the floating market of Amphawa and meet the locals rustling up quick seafood fare at the nick of time, you realise that at the heart of Thai culture is a hospitality deep-rooted in tradition.
The Thai temples, a wealth of sculptures and paintings, and their unique architecture, find a new meaning at Nan’s Wat Phumin. Its frescoes, some still decipherable, boggle your mind and regale your senses. Thailand is filled with some very fine hill scenery and drives.
Venture into its rural heart as you travel north towards Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai or discover some sleepy fisherman villages to the northeast.


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